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Ryan Harris-Brick Road Midnight

by Ryan Harris


DG02: Ryan Harris-Brick Road Midnight
"Have you ever driven through the desert or weaved in-between mountains and wondered...what is out there...just beyond your line of sight? What is existing in these landscapes that we cannot see, but perhaps could feel if we just left reality and walked out into the atmosphere? The music found within Brick Road Midnight explores what it would feel like to slowly disappear into those landscapes, and become part of the unseen atmosphere existing between the Earth and our perceived reality. With influences ranging from Brian Eno to Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream to David Sylvia...Ryan Harris works with modern and vintage synthesizers to create an other-worldy ether that evokes a dream-like state of floating right above all you can see. Guitars are laid into the mix to help lasso you back into reality before you assimilate completely. This might be the first every kosmiche journey that never fully allows you to leave Earth...

Inspired by looking out the window during lengthy car drives through Central & West Texas. Recorded 2011/2012 at the Night Talk Studios in Kyle, TX. All instrumentation & recording done by Ryan Harris. Instruments used: Access Indigo 2, Ensoniq Fizmo, Soviet TOM, SCI Drumtrak, and guitar." Ryan Harris

Ryan Harris - Brick Road Midnight

Side A
A1. Brick Road Midnight (9:56)
A2. Life Halts (11:19)
A3. Uncertainty Between Aether (4:38)
A4. Goodnight, You Bodies of Earth (5:09)

Side B
B1. Eternia (22:44)

Limited to 100